Alaska Hydrographics - Palmer, Alaska.

What we do :

    Welcome to Alaska Hydro-Graphics, we are specialists in providing unique decorative solutions to a variety of coating issues. We use a process called water transfer printing to apply decorative patterns in wood grains, carbon fibers, camouflage, and more to a multitude of products. Because water transfer printing can be used in so many different applications we specialize in working with our clients to provide the right finishing solution that will stand up to the demands of the environment where their products need to perform. Our processes beautify, protect and add value to your items. We are experienced and have worked with products that are used in the automotive, marine, household, sporting, military, recreational and industrial industries. Our coatings stand up well to abrasion, chemical exposure, as well as extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. If you want it to stand up and stand out, then Alaska Hydro-Graphics can make it happen. Please contact us and let us show you how we can help with your coating needs. Motorcycle parts, ATV parts, Snow Machine parts, Automotive parts, Firearms, Prosthetics, and Aviation parts are just a few of the items we have transformed at our facility. The possibilities are endless. If it can be submersed in water it can be treated. You pick a solid, water safe object that you want to decorate or update, then choose a pattern to suit your needs (Camouflage, Woodgrain, Carbon Fiber, Stone, Abstract, ect.) We will put it through the water transfer process and allow it to fully cure (10 days). Cerakote Gunkote Duracoat Painting Hydrographics Glass etching Call for more information... Paul Cell: 907-715-4438

How we do it:

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